Movie Review

Movie Review – Godzilla
I had high hopes for one of the first big blockbusters of the season, "Godzilla". I figured that, after the iconic monster's 1998 outing, that inadvertently turned into a bit of a comedy, that the writers, producers and director would make a point to keep this one suspenseful …
Reviewing the New Robocop Movie
1987's "Robocop" starring Peter Weller is an 80's classic. From gratuitous violence, to corny dialogue and cheesy at best special effects, it became an instant classic. So does 2014's reboot hold up to the original? I checked it out this past weekend to find out.
Oz The Great and Powerful – Movie Review
The works of L. Frank Baum have inspired generations of artists. From MGM's ground breaking "The Wizard of Oz" in 1939 to Broadway's smash hit "Wicked", now Disney is taking a swing at the beloved franchise with "Oz The Great and Powerful&qu…