lost and found

This Tale Could Have Had a Very Different Ending
Here's to Good Samaritans. To people who do the right thing. To people who go out of their way to help. I'm truly grateful that the person who found my credit card didn't go on a shopping spree!
Has there been a time when someone returned your credit card or wallet, with everything…
Ever Lost or Found Something on a Jersey Shore Beach?
I’m sure some of you WOBM listeners have good Lost and Found stories to share. What’s the biggest or most valuable thing you ever lost? Did you ever find it? Did any lost item show up in an unusual place? Have you ever lost or found anything on a Jersey Shore beach?
Watch The Seaside Boardwalk Lost Wallet Test [Video]
With Memorial Day Weekend only days away, and our official opening of the Seaside Park Boardwalk Studio, there are going to be a lot of people out and about on the Ocean County shores very soon. Along with the people, we're sure to see plenty of lost and found items, including some misplaced valuabl…