Advice From One Tax Procrastinator To Another
We've lucked out these past couple of years, getting a few extra days to get our taxes done.  Well, today, April 18th is the day they're due.  Are you still working on them?  Have you even started?
As a lifelong tax procrastinator, I've learned some things over the years…
How to avoid falling victim to IRS Phone Scams
The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office says they continue to receive calls from residents who have received unsolicited calls from people posing to be from with the IRS demanding money. The prosecutor's office has put together a list of things to look out for so you don't fall victim to…
NJ Tax Procrastinators Rejoice!
If you were stressing out about the fact that it's almost April 15th, you can breathe a sigh of relief.  Why?  This year you don't have to mail your taxes until Monday April 18th!
That's great news for those of you who haven't really started filling out your paper or onl…
IRS scammers take off the gloves in Point Pleasant
By now, everyone is familiar with the phone scam that attempts to delude victims into thinking that they owe delinquent taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. Point Pleasant Police have issued an unnerving description of the typical exchange.

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