iPhone 6 Speculation Ramps Up Ahead of Release
If there's one thing that the Internet is really good at, it's speculation and rumor. As long ago as last year, before the iPhone 5s and 5c were even released, speculation was rampant on what the iPhone 6 was going to look like and be able to do. Now that Apple is expected to unveil their next gener…
Happy Birthday to the iPod
It was this day in 2001 the first of the iPods were released by Apple.  It's the day we basically said good-bye to the Walkman CD player.
Is This An Actual iPhone 6 or a Hoax? [Video]
It seems like the second that Apple comes out with a new product, "experts" start to predict (and allegedly leak) what the next device to come out of Cupertino, CA will look like, do, and how it may or may not change technology.
“There’s An App For That”
Remember hearing that tag line on the early iPhone commercials?  I'll admit, those spots confused me.  I asked myself, "What's an app?"  "How is this new gadget going to improve peoples' lives?"   Well, h…
What’s Your Favorite App?
Remember the "old days" when cell phones made calls and that was about it? I remember being really excited when I could get a message with baseball scores once a day. But these days there are literally thousands of "Apps" that you can use to add functionality to y…

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