How To Avoid Ticks at the Jersey Shore [LIST]
It is that time of year ... "Tick Season" and this year officials are warning it could be a big year for the bugs! As I mentioned in  my latest blog "Hiking New Jersey" we did encounter ticks so now is a good time to pick hiking and outdoor play areas that ha…
Are Jersey’s Bugs Bugging You Or Not?
This married couple that I know are having a bit of a conflict over bugs.  They have a bunch of carpenter bees buzzing around their doorway.  They're seeing dead bees on the ground (apparently the bees are territorial, having a bit of a turf war...
Where Are All The Cicadas?
A couple of months ago we were being warned of a deafening cacophony from the impending 17 year cicada invasion. So far, the only thing deafening in Ocean County is the silence.
Stick Bugs or Walking Sticks?
I'm not sure what you call them but they're little weird creatures.  We have them here on the building of the WOBM studios.  Every Summer I see them here and only here?
Aliens Among Us – Kind Of
This week we reported on an invader from Afghanistan that showed up at the Joint Base. No, it had nothing to do with the war on terrorism, it was an insect.