This Time the NJ Shark Sighting is Real [Video]
Last week, people were passing around "warnings" of shark sightings at NJ beaches around social media like a beach ball at a concert. As we now know, it was just a hoax. In light of that lesson, it's not surprising if people were skeptical when another NJ shark story popped up…
Is This An Actual iPhone 6 or a Hoax? [Video]
It seems like the second that Apple comes out with a new product, "experts" start to predict (and allegedly leak) what the next device to come out of Cupertino, CA will look like, do, and how it may or may not change technology.
Hoaxsters Do It For “Cheap Thrills”
There were no stowaways on board a Port Newark bound cargo ship, the Blind Date Hoax is said to be linked with another boat hoax in Texas, and there’s been a case of “misuse” of emergency frequencies. It might seem like hoaxes are dominating the summer but…
Have You Been Taken in by a Web Hoax? [Poll]
A couple of years ago pictures of the billboard above made the rounds of Internet message boards and email inboxes. People were all worked up over the guts that this allegedly spurned lover had to take out this huge, embarrassing advertisement. There's only one catch...
Did Cheetah the Chimp Really Die Last Weekend?
This week, media outlets from around the world reported that Cheetah, one of the famous chimpanzees to play Tarzan's sidekick in the classic films had died at a sanctuary in Florida. But since then, the plot has thickened.