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Watch These Traffic Stops Turn Into Christmas Joy [Video]
Seeing red and blue flashing lights in your rearview mirror almost never ends well. But the police department in Lowell, Michigan wanted to bring some holiday cheer to the motorists of their town. Watch as these seemingly routine traffic stops turn into Christmas joy:
Watch This Hilarious Halloween Hidden Camera Prank [Video]
We've shared some fantastic horror themed hidden camera pranks with you before. There was the demon baby, the "Carrie" inspired coffee shop terror, and now we have a Ouija board wielding psychic freaking out folks eager to have their fortunes told. I guess it's a perfect …
Watch An ATM Spit Out Much More Than Just Cash [Video]
Be honest - we'd all love it if we could get more than just our own money from the local bank's ATM. Free money, baseball tickets, a trip to Disney, that would all be great. And that's exactly what happened to these shocked Canadian TD Bank customers recently. Check out this cute vide…
Watch This Hilarious Talking Elevator Prank [Video]
There are few things I love more than a truly clever and fun prank. And this one is right up there with the funniest. Unsuspecting tourists, entering an elevator at a hotel are greeted by the voice activated "Intellevator", which, when they respond in their language, seems to have …
Your Worst Fears About Baggage Handlers Caught on Tape [Video]
We've all had this happen at least once - when traveling by air, you get to your destination and it looks like your luggage was thrown around like a rag doll. While I'm sure this surreptitiously filmed video isn't representative of all baggage handlers, unfortunately it shows that som…
Watch – Does This Prank Go Too Far? [Video]
I love a good prank as much as anyone else. Pranks done in good humor, where nobody gets hurt, humiliated, or traumatized. Which, it seems, could all happen with this prank. Watch below and let us know, does this comedian go too far with his prank?
An Undercover Celeb Surprises Gym Patrons [Video]
Shows like "Undercover Boss" have become super popular and shown that well known people can blend in with the rest of us (well, if you believe "reality TV"). So Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to go undercover at a Gold's Gym. Watch for yourself:
Watch This Shocking Hidden Camera Prank [Video]
There are few things better than a perfectly pulled off hidden camera prank. Based on the reactions of some of these unsuspecting NYC coffee shop customers, this viral promotion for the upcoming remake of Stephen King's classic, Carrie definitely did the trick. Take a look:

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