Six Flags Begins Fright Fest 2017
This weekend, the most fun begins once again at Six Flags Great Adventure, it's Fright Fest!  Ok, it's always fun at Six Flags---Halloween fun is so exciting.  It's a time to get scared and it's a time for making family memories.
“Hocus Pocus” in Barnegat
Halloween is quickly approaching!  A lot of Ocean County towns will be participating in their own Halloween fun.  Barnegat's is pretty cool especially if you love the movie "Hocus Pocus" - how can you not love this movie?
Is It Too Soon For Halloween Shopping? [PUBLIC OPINION]
There is only 104 days til Halloween! Is it too early to begin shopping for for the spooky holiday?
If you were out and about this weekend here at the Jersey Shore, you may have run into some stores who have already begun putting out their "trick or treat" sale items.
Pumpkin Decorating Fun [VIDEO]
Check out Shawn's "Pirate Pumpkin" a work of art considering Shawn is artistically challenged lol
Hope you and your Family have a very Happy Halloween and that you don't over do it on chocolate!
What’s Your Favorite Halloween Candy?
So we are just a couple of days away from trick or treating and of course that pile of candy! So we wanna know what is your favorite Halloween candy, if you could only pick one ?
Here are some of the top candies ....

Reese's Cups
Milky Way
Hershey Bar
Three Musketeers
Butter Fingers

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