Why Do Musicals Like “A Christmas Story” Get Bashed?
Last night FOX aired a live musical production of "A Christmas Story." My social media feed was full of people saying they shut it off because it was boring, terrible, etc. Then this morning I heard some more negative comments about it. With impressive writers and performers involved, a…
A Fix To A Fox Situation
I discovered something this morning that was beautiful, but also freaked me out a bit.  A fox has apparently given birth to a litter and they're now living in my backyard.  I discovered their home when my dog started barking and squealing louder than usual...
FOX Now Bidding for ‘American Idol’ Revival Over NBC
It wasn’t terribly surprising that FOX would say goodbye to American Idol after so many years, but word that NBC might look to revive it alongside The Voice came more unexpectedly. Now, FOX is reportedly bidding for the rights to bring American Idol back on its own, almost exactly as we remem…
Watch This Amazing Behind The Scenes Grease Live Video
This past Sunday, generations of fans watched as Fox rolled out a rollicking production of "Grease". In addition to pulling in pretty impressive Sunday night numbers, with over 12 million viewers, it also pulled off some pretty impressive live TV feats.

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