The Decoy Show Comes To Tuckerton This Weekend
This Weekend (September 24th & 25th) it's the 34th Annual Ocean County Decoy and Gunning Show. The event runs Saturday 7 am - 5 pm and Sunday 7 am - 4 pm. There will be over 300 waterfowling exhibitors and vendors. The event takes place at Tip Seaman Park and Tuckerton Seaport. Include.…
NJ fish-tossing teen’s dad did time for mob ties
The attention given to a viral video, showing a 19-year-old Hazlet resident throwing motionless fish back into the Raritan Bay, took a bizarre turn on Wednesday when reports surfaced that the teen's father once attracted some notoriety of his own.
Alligator Caught In NJ Waterway [Video]
No, this is not a hoax. It's not something mistaken for something else. It's not a rumor. An actual alligator was caught by New Jersey first responders in the Passiac River. According to, a fisherman was out on the river this morning when he spotted the scaly intruder. He c…
Where’s Your Favorite Fishing Spot ?
There are so many great spots for fishing here at the Jersey Shore .... Some of the best in the world, but where is that one spot that you love? I enjoy bay fishing off 7 Bridges Road in Little Egg Harbor. The main reason is that its a walk from my house, the other is it's a very relaxed place …

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