Going Solar in Ocean County
With everyone talking about the sun today, I thought I'd make that the "star" of my blog today, only I'm not writing about the eclipse.
Instead, today's post is about solar energy.  The more I travel, at home and abroad, the more I'm seeing solar panels on p…
Does Ocean County Use Canvas/Cloth Shopping Bags?
With Earth Day approaching on Saturday, I decided to write a blog about plastic shopping bags. When I was in San Diego in November, the grocery clerk was telling everyone to start bringing their own bags due to what happened on Election Night...
How You Can Help Stop More Bees From Going Extinct In NJ
In less than 20 years, the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee went from being common through over half of the country, including New Jersey, to officially endangered. One hasn't been spotted in our home state since at least 2000.
A new project wants to help slow down the loss of more bees, and it's s…

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