Besides Ocean County, What Place Feels Like Home?
Is there a city or town besides Ocean County that feels like home to you. In other words, do you ever dream of retiring in a different locale? When travelling, have you discovered a place that just FEELS really right to you? A place you could envision yourself living?
Tried and True or Exploring New?
It's been interesting to talk to people about their summer plans.  Of those who are going somewhere on vacation, there are some will head towards a new destination, while others are going to the same place they go every year.
Though I have some favorite spots that I sometimes return to, I g…
Reasons To Love Cruising: Part 2
As I’m still smiling about my recent vacation aboard Celebrity Reflection, I wanted to write some more about cruising. I know these big ships seem like a big mystery for some people so here's the second part of my list of reasons to consider cruising:
Something For Everyone:  My best memories over th…