Who in Ocean County Eats Venison?
I will try on Saturday to be open minded to the deer meat that my friend is planning to serve at her dinner party. This will be a good test to see how far I've really come in my journey to leave my picky eating ways behind. Are you a fan of Venison? Any suggestions for a first-timer like me?…
Do You Have Deer in Your Neighborhood?
It's a lil tough to see them but the above photo is what I woke up to this morning, deer and not just one...but a herd! At least 4 that I could see. I'm wondering how many people are beginning to see deer in your residential areas. Are you ...
A Baby Deer Rescue with Shawn Michaels [VIDEO]
Saturday afternoon one of our neighbors noticed something in our yard as he was walking his dog. After he took a closer look he discovered it was a baby deer. He watched as the fawn stumbled under a tree on our property, making sure it didn't run into the road and traffic. We came out and found…
This Is How Likely You Are To Hit A Deer In New Jersey
You may have seen the warning signs on the Garden State Parkway in recent weeks, alerting drivers that deer season is here. Especially here in Ocean County, where the Pine Barrens cover a vast portion of our area, driving at night can become dangerous in the fall.

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