Dracula is Coming To Ocean County!
Dracula is coming to Ocean County! Not with fangs, but ballet shoes. The Atlantic City Ballet Company will Present "Dracula" the ballet at the Strand Theatre in Lakewood. So if your looking for some Halloween fun with an artistic twist then this is a must see!
Are Jersey Shore Clubs Offering Silent Disco?
One of the highlights of my cruise last week was doing Silent Disco. It involves getting a pair of wireless headphones, selecting what music you want to hear, and dancing however you want.
Apparently this has been popular at music festivals for years...
Exit 82 Opens Their Creative & Performing Arts Academy [AUDIO]
Exit 82 Theatre Company was In-Studio with Shawn & Sue to announce the opening of their brand new Creative and Performing Arts Academy (CAPA) in Toms River. The Academy will teach children from age 5 to 18.....including Acting, Musical Theatre, Dance Styles of Musical Theatre, Movies Brought…
Dance Clinic in Toms River
Hip Hop music is in many forms of entertainment and is a cultural phenomenon around the world. It has grown into a mainstay of young adult dance and artistic expression.
Ocean County Library’s Toms River branch will present “The Principles of Hip Hop: Peace, Love, Unity a…
Throwback Thursday- Man vs Food Jersey Shore
If you were watching the Travel Channel last weekend and happened to catch the Man
vs Food episode at the Jersey Shore, you may have heard a familiar voice- Late night host Ray Taylor.
For 6 years, I was an ice cream scooper at Hoffman’s Ice Cream and in 2010 Hoffman’s …
Dancing with the Jersey Shore Stars!
Townsquare Media 
Look for Shawn & Sue on the dance floor at Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey ‘s “Dancing with the Stars” 2015 …. Saturday, May 30th from 6:30 to 8 pm at La Bove Grand in Lakehurst. Come out and see the dancers and be a part …

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