Questions About Michael Ritacco Still Linger
Michael Ritacco might be sitting in a prison cell at this very moment, but the wounds caused by corruption scandal by the former Toms River superintendent are still raw for many residents at the township Board of Education meeting.
Gartland Admits Bilking Perth Amboy Schools
The Maryland insurance broker who last week admitted giving the former Toms River schools superintendent about $1,000,000 in bribes to keep his contracts today admitted skimming more than $2,600,000 from the Perth Amboy school district.
Crooked Candidates Would Be Criminals Under Shore Bill
A hole in the Hobbes Act that let a would-be mayoral candidate slip out of the grasp of federal prosecutors after Operation Bid Rig III would be sealed, if a shore-sponsored state measure becomes law.
Assembly members Greg McGuckin and Dave Wolfe (R-10) are introducing the bill that would raise  taki…
In a Jersey Shore State of Mind
My Ocean County brothers and sisters, you know my pain. I recently met a friend of a friend from Pennsylvania. Upon introduction, she asked where I was from. I naturally responded, "The Jersey Shore". Her response, "yeah Snooki!!"