Christmas trees

NJ Tree Farm Selling Funky Colored Christmas Trees [VIDEO]
Maybe you are bored of that plain green Christmas tree, and you don't want a white one.
How about getting a purple one this year? Or maybe even a hot pink Christmas Tree? What about an electric blue tree?
Well, Wyckoff's Christmas Tree Farm in Belvidere, New Jersey can do this for you..…
State Officials Kick of NJ’s Christmas Tree Season
Now that the holiday season is upon us, New Jersey Christmas tree farmers are in high gear. State Department of Agriculture Public Information Officer Lynn Richmond said New Jersey ranks seventh in the number of Christmas tree farms in the country.
White Lights or Multi Colored Lights
So every year, I wonder should I go away from my white lights on the Christmas tree and outside the house or should I go multi colored lights.  I know Thanksgiving is first, but I have to think about this and start planning.
10 Extreme Christmas Trees
Most people are familiar with the massive, and very impressive, Christmas tree that graces New York City’s Rockefeller Center every year. This tree has come to symbolize the holiday season for millions of people, and is something of national icon, appearing as a backdrop in countless…

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