Central Regional

A Great Night of Music in Bayville
This past Saturday night, music filled the air as Central Regional High School held their first Fall Festival of Music, part of the New Jersey Tournament of Bands, at Hugh J. Boyd Field.
Central Regional Class Looks To Space, and Needs Your Help!
Uh, Houston Ocean County, we have a problem.
Central Regional High School has always been one of breaking barriers. Personally, I think that this is going to be one of the biggest yet! English teacher Mike Mannion, and his Leadership Principles and Practices class are raising money to launch a h…
My Best Friend is Officially A US Marine!
Private First Class Ryan Pitcher, Ocean County native and one of my best friends is officially a United States Marine - okay well, I'm a little late, he graduated on January 13th. 
He is currently stationed at United States Army Base Fort Leonard Wood in Pulaski County, Missouri...

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