Where are Ocean County’s Best Parallel Parkers?
That weekend road trip with my sister brought to light one of our major differences. I'm a good parallel parker, and she is not. So I thought it would be interesting to find out who the better parallel parker is in YOUR household. Is it you? Your spouse? Your grown children?
Road Trips To And From The Jersey Shore
If your Labor Day weekend involved a long road trip, I’m curious about a couple of things:  1) Do you make frequent stops along the way?  And 2) How do you pass the time?
Up until recently I thought that my way was everybody’s way...
Success At The Gas Pump
Thank you all for your comments about my previous "gas pump" post.  I was surprised and impressed by the number of New Jerseyans who hold firm to their belief that gas tanks should be filled by station attendants.   Among the sentiments I saw on Facebook:

We are …

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