How To Deal with Bullying at the Jersey Shore
Bullying is a problem that happens in every town throughout our area as well as the nation, which is a horrible situation that needs attention and our help to stop.
Wiki-How has put together a whole article on how to deal with a bully. We ...
Watch North Dover Elementary’s Anti-Bullying Anthem [Video]
The students at North Dover Elementary School have come together to make a statement - they will not tolerate bullying. The whole school got involved to bring their version of Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" to life as their anti-bullying anthem. Watch the inspiring video below:
Helping To Stop Bullying!
On the first Monday of every October we’re asking kids, teens and adults to participate in
BLUE SHIRT DAY® WORLD DAY OF BULLYING PREVENTION by wearing a BLUE SHIRT. It's a time when we ask everyone to wear BLUE SHIRT and join us in solidarity to stop bullying and cyberbu…

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