Ketchup On Your Eggs
That sounds like a book title?  But it's not that I know of.  Shawn and I went to breakfast yesterday and I noticed something that I never knew about him.
The Great Cereal Experiment!
The average American eats approximately 160 bowls of cereal per year, which amounts to nearly 10 pounds of cereal per person. Over 2.7 billion boxes of cereal are sold in the US every year. ~
Have You ever combined different cereals to make a "mega" breakfast bowl? Her...
Join The Personality Parade!
The Ocean County Women's Connection is part of Stonecroft Ministries, a dynamic, international ministry with a heart for women to know God personally and to grow in their relationship with Him. The mission of Stonecroft Ministries is to equip and encourage women to impact their families and com…
A New Look For The Count ?
So have I been living under a rock or is this a new "look" for the Count ? Every Halloween is seems that Count Chocula, Boo Berry & Frankenberry appear in mass quantities and this morning well I could not resist a haunted breakfast lol
Whose your favorite ? Th...
What’s The One Thing You Need To Start Your Day?
When I thought about the question of "what's the one thing you need to start your day?", I thought the answer would be pretty obvious - coffee, a muffin, cereal. But, when I had a little technical trouble this morning I realized that, for me, it's none of those things.

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