How Do You Avoid Bug Bites at The Jersey Shore?
It's the perfect time of year to go to the beach and/or dine al fresco, but those pesky bugs can ruin an otherwise perfect day.  I'm talking about those Jersey Shore greenhead flies and those omnipresent mosquitoes.
I've heard people recommend bug sprays with DEET...
Best Time To BBQ
There's nothing like dinner cooked on the BBQ ! and now , I think, is the best time to cook outdoors. I love this time of year to use my BBQ ... September and October are great. Weather is cool and crisp and the bugs are gone ... a...
What Foods Say Summer To You?
In the old days, you used to have to wait for strawberry season, apple season, corn season, etc to get your favorite seasonal foods. But these days, you can get pretty much anything at any time. But there are just some foods that are perfect for Summer to me.
See The Most Adorable 4th Of July BBQ [Video]
A whole lot of people will be enjoying the traditional 4th of July BBQ this coming weekend. And it's not only people who've got some BBQ plans in the works. How would you like to join "Tiny Hamster" for his Independence Day party? Cute enough for you? Let's also thro…

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