Get Details On Lakewood’s Walk To Defeat ALS [Video]
Ocean County's Walk to Defeat ALS is coming up at FirstEnergy Park in only a couple of weeks! Allison Walker, Event Director for the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the ALS Association stopped by the WOBM studios today to talk about the event. Take a look:
Watch A Local Vet’s Maniac Ice Bucket Challenge [Video]
As "The Ice Bucket Challenge" spreads, we're seeing people get really creative. From over 200 locals getting doused in about 2 minutes, to Kermit the Frog getting soaked, the Ice Bucket Challenges are definitely getting more and more fun to watch. Which brings me to this video - our very o…
Watch Kermit The Frog Get Iced [Video]
The "Ice Bucket Challenge" has spread like wildfire over the past few weeks. With everyone getting involved, from locals to celebrities. But this has to be the best celebrity video yet. Watch Kermit the Frog get iced in the name of ALS support:
Watch 200 Locals Get Iced for Charity in Manasquan [Video]
As we've talked about previously, "The Ice Bucket Challenge" is sweeping the country, and just this week, over 200 Jersey shore locals got doused all at once for charity. The Atlantic Club in Manasquan gathered employees, members, and friends, and taped the hundreds of buckets…
Walk To Defeat A.L.S. In Seaside Heights [AUDIO]
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease is a motor neurone disease caused by the degeneration of upper and lower neurons . The condition is often called Lou Gehrig's disease in North America, after the New York Yankees baseball player who was diagnosed with the …