New York City's police commissioner says detectives want to speak to five other people in the attack on SUV driver Alexian Lien after a tense highway encounter as Lien makes his first public appearance since the attack.

Alexian Lien makes his first public appearance in Manhattan (WABC TV)

Wearing a grey hoodie, sun glasses and a Brooklyn Nets cap, Lien left his financial district apartment around noon on Friday assisted by an older female and walked a block to an office on Broadway according to the New York Post. WABC says the woman is his mother or mother-in-law


The newspaper described his injuries still being visible including yellowing on the right side of his face and stitches on his right cheek bone.

Investigation Continues

Eight bikers, including a police detective who was off-duty, have been arrested so far on charges ranging from criminal mischief to gang assault. Commissioner Raymond Kelly says police are still investigating.

Lien was pulled from his SUV and beaten on the street in front of his wife and toddler on Sept. 29. Police say the assault occurred after Lien and a biker bumped on the West Side Highway, and they forced the SUV to a stop. The driver fled, plowing over biker Edwin Mieses Jr.

A lawyer for the detective said Friday he will testify before a grand jury.

The Associated Press contributed to this report