Although the weather turns cooler Friday, the 70- and 80-degree temperatures this October and November have been helping extend the season for Jersey Shore businesses.

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"It really keeps kind of the summer feeling alive," said Mary Lou Halvorsen, president of the New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association. "People tend to want to go out more. They'll take a long weekend, maybe they'll go down to Atlantic City, the boardwalk."

"It's crazy wonderful," is how Sylvia Sylvia-Cioffi, executive director of the Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce described the unusually warm weather we've had this fall. "It's very favorable for Asbury. People are coming back down and their dining outside, still very much in summer mode."

Although revenue figures for this year aren't available yet, Sylvia-Cioffi noted that visibly it appears to be higher than last year. "The streets are bustling and people seem to be really excited about coming to Asbury, still now in November," she said.

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Point Pleasant Beach also has been enjoying an influx of visitors, according to Tony Novo, a director with the Chamber of Commerce. "Usually by this time of year people start getting ready for the holidays, and I think people are taking extended visits to the Jersey Shore, and we appreciate that," he said. He noted that business revenue is up from last year.

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Toby Wolf, director of marketing for Jenkinson's Pavilion on the Boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach, said on warmer days, "a lot of people take advantage of it."

Wolf recalled similar weather last November and December. "We had the garage doors up and we had ice cream open with people standing on line on the boardwalk with bare feet. Every year it seems we get these really glorious days, further and further into the winter."

Wolf added, laughing, "It makes working up here in the winter a lot nicer, too."

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