Spring is here and to make a spring dinner truly unforgettable, decorate and set your table with one of these flowering suggestions:

  • 1

    Try A Jar

    Use mini mason jars for individualized arrangements for each place setting. Fill each cup ¾ with water and stand small buds and stems of primrose, violets, viola, lily of the valley, grape hyacinth, or sprig of stem roses, each to scale, to fit your tea cup. Personalize the mini arrangement further and add you guest place card into the arrangement.

  • 2

    Think Ribbon

    Gingham and grosgrain ribbon screams springtime. Create a placement by cutting gingham into 12” by 10” rectangle, trim the boarder, (or one side only) with a complimentary or contrasting grosgrain ribbon. Complete your holiday table with a centerpiece of gaily colored eggs, in a low bowl, interspersed with blossoms of hydrangea, lilac, grape hyacinths, pansy, and grosgrain ribbon running through.

  • 3

    Flowers As Nests

    Peonies or open roses make a beautiful ‘nest’ for individualized arrangements. Float the flower in a shallow glass or white bowl. Use the ‘nest’ for mini speckled or foil covered eggs or jelly beans.

  • 4

    Try Hydrangea

    Simple elegance reigns when you cluster pink hydrangea in a crystal compote, and intersperse with sprigs of grape hyacinth.

  • 5

    Use Fresh Cuts

    If you have a green thumb and have been tending your garden, now is the time to clip and bring your fresh blooms indoors and arrange them in your favorite vase.

  • 6

    Fresh Spring Colors

    If the “fresh and clean look” is your passion and you love the scents of springtime, select white and green for your palate! Arrange viburnum, tulips, lisianthius, lilac, Siberian iris, peony, and sweet pea in your tall crystal vase.

  • 7

    A Tip for Longevity

    Help your viburnum last longer. After cutting viburnum, crush the ends of the woody stems to help them better absorb water.

  • 8

    Trim Those Tulips

    Cut your tulips about ¼ inch from the ground. This leaves you plenty of stem to cut on an angle when you take your tulips indoors. They will continue to grow in water, so keep your water fresh and cool. Remember too that tulips are a bulb plant and will re-grow next season. Enjoy.

  • 9

    Lilacs May Be Early

    May is usually lilac month, but with our mild winter and warm March, some plants may bloom April, so be prepared.

  • 10

    When To Cut

    You should cut lilac from the bush just as the flowers begin to open. Crush the woody stems to help them absorb water, and the lilac will continue to bloom.