With luck, tomorrow morning the space shuttle Enterprise may make an appearance over the skies in Ocean County. But there are a few variables.


UPDATE: 4/27 11am - NASA is reporting that The Enterprise has arrived in New York City. They've been posting breathtaking pictures all morning, check out their Twitter feed for updates.

Weather permitting, NASA's original prototype shuttle is scheduled to hitch a ride on top of a modified 747 and head from Washington, DC to New York City.

That's the first variable, "weather permitting". The second is the fact that neither NASA nor the FAA have released details about exact timing or the actual route that the trip will take (although if we use a little elementary knowledge of geography, we can assume that the flight will go over at least part of NJ). You can try to keep an eye on NASA's official Twitter feed to see if they let some details out as the event gets closer.

If you miss it though, you can see the spaceship up close and personal at the Intrepid Museum in NYC this Summer.

If you do happen to catch a glimpse of the rare flyover, be sure to tell us about it in the comments section, or better yet, take a picture and send it our way!