Do not judge Shadow by the big puppy-dog eyes and incredibly sad expression.....Shadow is an absolute barrel of laughs!  Shadow has the sad, pouty-face down pat but you simply must meet him outside to see the true sweetness and bubbly personality that Shadow is full of.  He's a little over a year old and this bright and bubbly boy came to us from our Newark facility when he was turned in by an owner that could no longer care for him.  Shadow's charm and lovely-ness exudes from his plain tan pittie body.  Please don't pass him up because he's just another pit bull.  What a darling boy he is.  He has excellent manners while eating, taking toys and treats, and going for walks, and he's calm and friendly while meeting dogs.  He just loves toys and turns into a real ham when you play with him.  Shadow will bring joy and happiness to your life if you welcome this loving goofball into your home.

Check out Shadow in action:

Go meet Shadow at the Popcorn Park Zoo, 1 Humane Way in Forked River!

CLICK HERE for the Popcorn Park Rescue Zoo.