On the Fourth of July I joined in a conversation my neighbors were having about fireworks.  They had heard that some places in Europe are using only silent fireworks.  Curious about this, I did some reading online.  One town in Italy has a law on the books stating that only the silent variety can be used.  Some towns in England which are close to residents or livestock are also using silent fireworks.

I hadn't realized the negative impact loud booms could have on farm animals.  There are even reports of lots of birds falling out of trees during fireworks displays!   Removing the audio component is meant to be sensitive to livestock and also children, the elderly, and veterans who might suffer from PTSD.  When I read about all those who struggle during fireworks, I start to think that silent fireworks are a great idea!  Paired with a great patriotic soundtrack, I think the displays could still be enjoyable.  Perhaps even more so!  Apparently the silent fireworks are actually the most bright and colorful so what we would lose in audio, we would gain in visual interest.

Loud booming fireworks displays are such a wonderful tradition in Ocean County, and all around our country.  Do you think fireworks should be silenced?  Or would removing sounds take away some of the magic of our holiday?  Please Comment below.