New Jersey has been dealing with some pretty rough weather over the past weeks, complete with lightning, gusting winds and hail, but luckily for stores and restaurants along the shore, the weekends have been beautiful.

McLoone's Pier House in Long Branch (Townsquare Media)

Business has been steady and, in some cases, better than usual for a number of shore merchants.

"Last year was a little dead, and people are really starting to come back to the shore this year," said Mallory Massara, general manager at the Pier Village location of Koi Boutique in Long Branch. "We had the best May we've ever had, June was good, and July's off to a good start."

Massara said shaky weather can actually help business at her shop, as long as the day starts off nice.

"Then it starts to cloud over, and we've got all the people here on the beach," she said. "What else are they going to do but shop?"

One block over at McLoone's Pier House, business has been booming so far this summer. Margaret Gilbertson, general manager, said besides July 4, this past Sunday presented the only bad weekend weather.

"We've had so little rain it's been exhausting, but it's great business," she told Townsquare Media. "We love it."

The love for pizza at the shore, meanwhile, hasn't slowed down a bit. Matthew Riccelli, general manager of Gee Gee's in Manasquan, said this summer "has been great so far."

"The weekends have been exceptionally nice," he said. "The weatherman is our best friend and our worst enemy at the same time."