These adorable pets are looking for their forever home!

How cute is that smile and huge tongue?

These beautiful ladies are Bella and Stella, a German shepherd and St. Bernard duo that are looking for a fabulous fresh start in life. You may remember the sad story of the girls when they arrived, after being turned in by a neglectful owner that nearly starved them. The girls got the good medical treatment that they needed and lots of good meals and TLC too and now, they're both like new pups! Bella is about 6 years old and Stella is about 8. We have to wonder if the ages are correct on these bright and bubbly girls because they seriously have the spunk and energy of puppies. You cannot walk past Bella without her grabbing a toy and bopping up and down in the hopes that you'll play with her, and Stella stands on her hind legs to greet all of her friends with a giant bear hug. The girls positively love people, love going for walks, love playing....they just love life! They are goofy and silly, and both of them have the sweetest and most loving dispositions. You will never feel unloved if you have Bella and Stella in your life. They both feel that regardless of their size, they should be lap dogs and will even attempt to climb in your lap. They both seem happy to meet other dogs and just love people of all ages. They will need a home where they can stay together forever and they will bring you such joy and happiness if you invite them into your life.

This happy little couple is Willie and Sokka, a dog and cat duo that are hoping for a wonderful home of their own where they can stay together forever. Willie, a male 5 year old pug mix and Sokka, a 4 year old male black and white beauty, came to us from our Newark facility. They were surrendered by their owner who said they no longer had time for them. When the boys arrived, they were briefly separated so that they could get their initial vetting that is needed and when they were reunited back in one of our office suites where they are staying, they were so happy to see one another that they jumped and rolled around with each other like a couple of goofballs. These two are very close and we would never dream of separating them. Willie is a high energy little pug that is always upbeat and happy, and ready to make new friends. He's playful and spunky, and he's very sweet. He is also very well behaved and even though he has trouble holding his little rearend still, he will sit so nicely when asked. Sokka is actually also very energetic and active. He is very sweet and mushy but when he reaches his limit of getting attention from you, he'll let you know it! Because of this, the boys will need a home with no children under 10. Willie loves his cat friends but doesn't seem to care much for other dogs. They both truly love people though and would bring so much joy and happiness into your life if you welcome these bubbly guys into your home with open arms.
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Forked River, NJ