It's all about those wonderful memories here at the shore and on the boardwalk.  All those memories made year after year at Seaside Park.

We spoke to business owners over there on the boardwalk and it's just so heartbreaking.  How much more can we at the Shore take?  There was the one constant last Friday we kept hearing about--the memories of the carousel with family and friends.  The beloved carousel burnt down in the fire.  I remember when my daughter was born, that first Summer with her, we went to Seaside Park and my Dad went on that carousel with her.  It's one of those great memories and every year..this year was no different, we went on the carousel.

With the horrific fire that swept through Seaside..the phone calls last week went right back to the carousel.  And how you got on that carousel one more time this past Summer.  If you have a carousel picture you'd like to send me and that I can share in a blog of memories of the carousel please email me

The carousel brought so much happiness to us here a the Shore and everyone that visited us.  As Seaside Park gets rebuilt, our memories will never go away.