Sort of like "Grease" is the it's a Selfie!

For the first five years I had a Mommy Blog about my daughter Abby’s life and what it was like for me as a first time Mommy.

Now she’s an 8 -year-old diva and I’ve decided to bring back the Mommy Blog. Her life and what she does is just so funny, it’s too funny not to talk about or write about!  It’s time to share our adventures with you again.  Wow, I can't believe she's 8 already.  Time flies.

Abs' favorite thing to do these days is take a Selfie.  Funny face Selfies, smiles, sad Selfies, goofy Selfies..I think the cell phone is just a curse.  Anything to do with the phone, she loves.  Guess that's my fault.

Sue's Mommy Blog, Townsquare Media
Sue's Mommy Blog, Townsquare Media
Sue's Mommy Blog, Townsquare Media

We do them together, too!

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

Are your kids totally into Selfies, or is it just mine?

Mother's Day is coming up next weekend.."Hey Abs, how about a Selfie of you to hang in my room?"  "I know I already have about 50, but I could use one more!"  I'm so glad I'm your Mom!

Are you ready for Mother's's a great idea!  Get your Mom tickets!  It's "Dena Blizzard, One Funny Mother"-- who's coming to the Strand Theater in Lakewood on Friday May 2nd.  Click here for your tickets!  Dena will make you laugh whether you're a Mom or not!  She's great!  It's a great way to celebrate this year's  Mother's Day coming up on Sunday May 11th, 2014.