There are eight roads in Seaside Heights that are currently owned and operated by Ocean County. 

A storm approaches Seaside Heights (Facebook via Jersey Shore Hurricane News)

Many of them are the most heavily traveled in the area especially during the Summer tourism season.  So why are officials from the Borough eyeing up the possibility of taking over those roads?  They feel they have a good enough reason that could benefit the taxpayers and the homeowners who live on those busy streets.

It all started last Summer when the Borough was told by the County they could no longer lease their parking spaces for homeowners on County controlled roads.  The program was bringing in revenue at about $150,000 a year to the community.  Ocean County Administrator Carl Block tells WOBM News they had no idea it was happening but if they did take control, the County would have one less headache and expense to deal with.

Block says "we feel it's a great idea.  That means Seaside would be responsible for maintaining the roads, clearing snow from them in the Winter and taking full operation of how they run.  We are currently at the table talking and things are going quite well."

The program was first put in place nearly a decade ago for homeowners who have no other place to park during the busy months in the community.  This guarantees they have a spot.  The signs and reserved spaces cost about $500 a year.  People are willing to pay this fee so they don't have to constantly deal with moving their vehicle from place to place.  This comes in handy for the homeowner who may not have a driveway.

The borough would take Porter, Hamilton, Sumner, Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Kearney and Hiering avenues from the county.

Block adds they hope to have a deal in place by the end of the year.