New Jersey residents who have unresolved non-flood related insurance claims from Superstorm Sandy, can participate in a free mediation program.

Aerial view of Mantaloking after Superstorm Sandy (NOAA)

New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI) Commissioner Ken Kobylowski says the Mediation Program provides residents and businesses a very efficient and economical way to resolve claims without having to go to court through the

Kobylowski says his counterparts in the Gulf Coast region told him that they found mediation to be the quickest way to resolve disputed disaster-related insurance claims.

"Obviously, insurance is going to be a large part of the dollars involved in rebuilding so we want to make sure that the insurance claims are closed as quickly as possible."

However, Kobylowski cites another very important reason for getting the claims resolved. He says, "the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) has just rolled out some grant programs and part of that grant process is to make sure insurance claims are closed so that people who are applying for the grants could have their applications processed effectively."

Kobylowski says you can participate, by either telling your insurance company or by contacting the American Arbitration Association.

According to the DOBI about 8,448 Sandy related insurance claims remain open in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

Application forms are now available online at, by phone at 855-366-9774 or via email at