State Senator Joe Kyrillos is announcing his intent to get a GOP nod to run against Democrat Bob Menenedez for US Senate.

The 13th District Republican was an ally of Chris Christie, and the governor has spoken highly of him on numerous occasions, however is that enough for Kyrillos to gain traction in his home Monmouth County?

Speaking with residents, the results seem to be less excitement of a hometown guy running for national office and more apathy. While many people weren't familiar with Kyrillos or any of his policies, most willingly admitted that they don't even follow politics. One man said flat out "I don't like politicians."

With a Senate race coming up that Kyrillos could very well be involved in, what are your opinions on the possibility of him going to the national stage? Do you still follow these kind of races? Has apathy hit you hard? Give your opinions in the comment section below.