"You'll soon meet a tall handsome stranger".

I love fortune cookies.  The little present at the end of a great dinner.  Whats more fun that sitting around the table with a few friends when cookie time arrives.  Theres just one problem.  Fortune Cookies used to be way better.  They weren't intellectual, confusing or just plain senseless.  They were fun.  Something has changed.

Let me set the scene.  Four of us, just a few nights ago.  It's fortune cookie time.  Here's what we got.

My friend Liz's fortune said "Always throw caution to the wind". Neither one of us knows what that means.

Christopher's is 10.  His fortune said "Your ability to juggle many tasks will take you far". Zzzzzzzzzz....boring.   Sorry, Christopher.

His brother Benjamin's fortune.   "Never ask a barber if you need a haircut". OK, that one was funny.

Finally, I open mine. "Joy is often cast in a shadow". Huh? Seriously?

I swear, they used to be better.  "An amazing opportunity is about to unfold"..yes!  "A secret admirer will send you a sign of affection"...yay! "A thilling time is in your immediate future"...exactly!

Now, that's what I'm talking about! The kind of fortune you carefully folded up to carry around with you until you lost track of it.

Where's my Tall Handsome Stranger?

There's an old Hungarian custom that says if you don't like the fortune in your cookie you should refrain from eating it and instead, leave it smashed in your plate.

We left a mess.  And a big tip for the clean up.