Public safety concerns are back in focus in the Garden State amid several recent gun incidents, including the shooting that killed an Atlantic County teenager last week.

Andrew Burton, Getty Images

While law enforcement programs like anonymous tip lines, Crime Stoppers, and the local and state gun buybacks are in place, Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni said his office is still working hard to keep people informed about the dangers of firearms in the community.

In particular, parents should be aware of "community guns," which are hidden by gangs or criminal groups in public places and can be inadvertently found by children or teenagers.

"The idea behind community guns is to have one person not directly possess a firearm," Gramiccioni said.

The prosecutor said a child or teen who stumbles on a community gun might not intend to do harm, but could do so accidentally. He suggests parents and guardians have honest discussions with their kids about the dangers of firearms.

"Young people especially tend to forget how dangerous firearms can be," Gramiccioni said, reminding parents of how guns are sensationalized on television and in video games.

The prosecutor said it's a problem that affects cities as well as suburbs.

"This happens across all aspects of my county," Gramiccioni said. "Gun crimes and violent crimes can plague anyone."