A 9-year-old Trenton girl continues to recover in the hospital, after being wounded during a shootout near her home. In response, authorities have announced a sweeping new plan to stem the gun violence in New Jersey's capital city.

(David Matthau, Townsquare Media NJ)

State Attorney General John Hoffman announced Wednesday the New Jersey State Police, along with federal, state, county and local law enforcement partners, are increasing patrols to prevent further violence as the summer season approaches.

"In the coming days we will be making our presence clearly felt strongly, through a variety of operations aimed at stemming the tide of violence in Trenton," Hoffman said.

Hoffman said if the gun-toting gangsters, thugs and drug dealers of Trenton think nothing of cutting down a child with indiscriminate gunfire, they better start thinking twice about the full force of law that will be bearing down upon them in the coming weeks.

The deployments being announced include three crime suppression units to target high crime areas throughout the city," he said. "Those units consist of personnel from the State Police, the Trenton Police department, the Mercer County Prosecutor's office, and the Mercer County Sheriff's office."

The deployments will also include a new warrant squad led by the State Police

"Statistics indicate in the vast majority of shootings in Trenton, either the shooter or the victim are both wanted on outstanding criminal warrants," Hoffman said. "By endeavoring to take warrant offenders off the street, we can prevent many of the shootings."