Virgin Atlantic airlines is now offering passengers the opportunity to talk on cell phones during Trans-Atlantic flights.  The company says the pilot program tested well and consumers are viewing this as a "positive" step.  What do you think? If you travel a lot for business, do you think you'd pay $1.60 per minute to stay productive while in-flight?  If you're flying somewhere to get away from work, how would you feel sitting next to someone who's chatting on the phone?  I'd be in favor of cell phones on planes if there were some way to limit the calls to say...3 minutes.  Just enough time to call the babysitter about the thing you forgot to mention earlier, or call your ride to let them know of your new arrival time.  I'm afraid this new offering might open the floodgates and lead to lots of noisy conversations when we're already sitting too close for comfort on planes anyway.  What do you think about the idea of in-flight phone calls?