A healthy option could leave you feeling not so good. Sliced apples distributed to fast food and grocery chains in 36 states (including Washington DC) are being recalled over fear of listeria contamination.

No illnesses have been reported but the bacteria was found on equipment used produce apple products by Missa Bay LLC., which is owned by Swedesboro, NJ based Ready Pac Foods Inc.

The packaged apple slices were distributed to McDonalds, Burger King are included in the recall, as are packaged food containing apples sold at Wawa's and Wegman's Grocery Stores.

Recalled products have use-by dates of July 8 through Aug. 20. Missa Bay announced the voluntary recall on Friday, saying the food went to 36 states and the District of Columbia. People may contact
Ready Pac at 800-800-7822 or visit www.readypac.com.