The office holiday party - it can be a time to let your hair down, have fun with your co-workers, and grab some gifts, or it can be hours of never ending, droll speeches and awkward handshakes and embraces.

We just had our office holiday lunch this afternoon, and it's always been a lot of fun here. The food is always good, the gift exchange is always fun, and it's a good opportunity for the different departments to get together and chit chat.

I will say though, I work in a pretty laid back office. I have heard the horror stories of the manager who doesn't know when to stop giving their speech, the accountant who has a little too much egg nog, and the awkwardly quiet luncheon where people eat and run back to the safe solitude of their cubicles.

So what do you think, do you enjoy the office party or do you dread it? Vote below and let us know!