We all need a little pick-me-up in the mornings!  Hopefully you get that when you turn on 92.7 WOBM -- but besides "The Ocean County Breakfast Show", you might want to try one of these "good mood" enhancing foods for your morning!



According to foodandwine.com here are the 6 breakfasts that are scientifically proven to put you in a good mood:

1.  Stomach-soothing fruits - citrus, berries and other fruits that are loaded with vitamin C and iron give you an extra boost of energy.

2.  Bowl of kefir - (I never heard of this) - It's a gut-healthy probiotics drink that can decrease feelings of depression and anxiety.

3.  A go-to meal - Eat something you love.  Possibly spaghetti or sushi, something you look forward to every single morning.

4.  Morning salad bowl - greens are great for getting you moving.

5.  Avocado toast with an egg - balanced portions of carbs, fats and protein which help lead to a good mood.

6.  Granola with pumpkin seeds and almonds - this has amino acids, zinc and magnesium to help keep you calm throughout the day.

I hope you have a wonderful "good mood" kind of day!

What food puts you in a "good mood"?


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