With everything that happened here at the Shore in the last 2 weeks..the things we take for granted are the things we are most thankful for.  But within these last couple of days...it's so true I am very thankful.

This is what I want you to do:

Everyday write down one thing you're thankful for.

Here's a look into my "Thankful" journal:

November 1st; I'm thankful for my family and support through the toughest of times.

November 2nd; I'm thankful for my Abby.

November 3rd; I'm thankful for my house and power in it.

It can be as simple as one word or a paragraph.  It's all about you...and everything you're thankful for.


honor the gift, flickr

Do you have a "thankful" journal?  What are you most thankful for you?