New Jersey workers must wait until the fourth day of May before they are done paying off their tax obligations for 2013, and they can start earning money for themselves. It takes an estimated 124 days to have a worker's wages completely cover taxes at the national, state and local levels.

The Tax Foundation has announced that May 4th is New Jersey's Tax Freedom Day, weeks behind the national average of April 18th. New Jersey has consistently ranked later than most states in years past; its Tax Freedom day is earlier than only New York and Connecticut this year.

"The income per capita in New Jersey is a lot higher than the national average," explained the Tax Foundation's Elizabeth Malm. "The state and local tax burden in New Jersey is also a little higher than the national average."

Last year's Tax Freedom Day for New Jersey was May 1, and the national average was April 17. Malm said the 2013 dates have been pushed back due to the "fiscal cliff" scenario that's resulted in the return of payroll tax cuts.

"Also, because our economy's improving, that means that profits and incomes are up," Malm added. "So that means there's more taxes being paid on incomes and taxes. It's sort of a double-edged sword there."

Mississippi and Louisiana will bear the lowest tax burdens in 2013, according to the Tax Foundation; their Freedom Days arrived in late March.