Forget bake sales and raffles, New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) is giving schools and easy capeezy way to raise money while helping folks save money by conserving energy.

Conserve to Preserve Community Rewards logo (NJNG)

That's the objective of NJNG'S Conserve to Preserve Community Rewards program.

NJNG Director Of Conservation And Clean Energy Policy Ann Marie Peracchio said students raise money for their schools by asking folks to go online and take a free energy audit called the CTP Dashboard. "So it's the kind of thing where they're not asking people to spend money," explained Peracchio. "They're actually helping them find ways that they can save money and reduce their energy bills," she said.

In a written statement, the utility described the CTP Dashboard as a free online home-energy assessment tool that helps customers reduce their energy bills through simple behavioral changes or investments in home energy-efficiency improvements. "So really helping us spread the word is what this (CTP Community Rewards) program is really all about, to let people know those resources are out their to help them."

The utility donates $5 dollars to participating schools for each audit and there's an opportunity for a bonus. Officials said after the online audit, they will donate an additional $25 for persons who decide to have an in-person whole house audit. Schools can earn up to $5,000.

Schools have until February 20, 2014 to register for the upcoming fundraising session, which begins March 1, 2014.

For more information, including complete terms and conditions, go to the Save Energy & Money section of and select Conserve to Preserve and then Conserve to Preserve Community Rewards. To register, contact NJNG's CTP Community Rewards team at or 732-378-4926.