With the coming Fourth of July holiday, State Police will once again ramp up their vigilance for those who try to buy illegal fireworks out of state and bring it into New Jersey.

State Police spokesman Lt. Stephen Jones says they will step up enforcement and undercover details for those who try to cross the river into Pennsylvania and return with fireworks from stores there who aren’t even allowed to sell the stuff to their own residents.

Jones calls it a little bizarre that Pennsylvania is going to marketing to out-of-state residents because their own residents aren’t able to use them that way, and to market fireworks to a state that also has laws against amateur fireworks. But he calls the issue a battle for the politicians and lawyers to deal with.

He says they want to see fireworks display left up to the pros.

Jones says, “From our perspective, even though it may not be popular, fireworks are dangerous.”

“We’ve got hundreds of people throughout the state who end up in ER’s every year. We have hearing loss or fingers possibly even blown off.”

And Jones says those who try to return with fireworks to resell in New Jersey face a possible maximum of 18 months and up to a 10-thousand dollar fine.

He adds, “It’s really no playing matter to be selling fireworks to somebody else.”