Officials in the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety are hoping for a zero-fatality Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend as motorists take to the roads. Division Acting Director Gary Poedubicky says the only way of achieving that goal is for motorist to exercise good driving safety habits during their travels.

"So we're reminding travelers to make sure they buckle-up, drive safetly and avoid distractions and never drive impaired. You know, slow down and obey the speed limit. Put the cell phone down and certainly get plenty of rest before hitting the roadway."

Poedubicky says progress has been made in achieving a zero-fatality holiday weekend. He says there were five motor vehicle-related fatalities in 2010 which is four less than in 2009. There will also be plenty of State and Local Law Enforcement Officials out on the roads keeping a look out for Drunk, Drowsy and Aggressive Drivers. He says they can also be reported to State Police by dialing #77.

The Division of Highway Traffic press release says the Thanksgiving holiday period officially begins Wednesday at 6 p.m. and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday.