New Jersey takes fourth place in a state-by-state ranking of high-end foreclosures, with nine such homes located in the Garden State.

Scott Olson, Getty Images

Most of the houses are located in Ocean County with a few in Bergen, the heart of the state's so-called "wealth belt."

"The wealthy are not immune to the economic problems that are facing everybody else," said Daren Blomquist of RealtyTrac, an online foreclosure marketplace.

Blomquist said this has to do with local market conditions and home prices, especially in pockets of the country with higher-end enclaves. In those areas, the likelihood of these types of foreclosures is naturally higher.

"It is kind of the last domino to fall in this foreclosure crisis, because a lot of these homeowners may have been able to hold out longer," said Blomquist. He said RealtyTrac views this as a good sign, showing that banks and lenders are fairly confident in the recovering housing market.

According to Blomquist, banks are often wary of foreclosing on high-end homes for fear of being saddled with a multi-million dollar house that may be difficult to sell.

Florida led the nation with 67 high-end home foreclosures, most of them in the Miami area.