President Barack Obama gave his address during his inauguration ceremony, calling for less partisan bickering, immigration reform, lowering the deficit, and creating marriage equality. Garden State residents have high hopes for the President's next term.

(Photo by Scott Andrews-Pool/Getty Images)

Not surprisingly, pocket book issues remained on top of the list of concerns for residents.

"I'd like to see the unemployment go down," said one Sayreville resident.

However, other issues remained hot topics, including the ones the President mentioned during his address.

"I'd like to see the immigration fixed, and I'd like to see him and the congress get along better."

Obama's first four years were marked with one of the most partisan Congresses and opposition from conservatives at every turn. Supporters of the President do not believe that will go away, but defend their backing of the Democrat.

"I say he has a tough challenge, every day but he's the right man for the job. He can handle it. He's the fence mender."

"He has nothing to lose because he's not running for reelection, so he could take a chance."

Even some conservatives who admit to not voting for the president want to see results.

"You got to back him, what are you going to do. Whether you like him or not, he's the guy in charge you got to back him."

A fair amount of apathy remains both from Republican's and people tired of politics in general.

"I do not care who's in office I don't think you'll see anybody lower the taxes. It's just the way it is."