As we highlighted on The Ocean County Breakfast Show, December’s Flower of the Month is the Narcissus Papyraceaus. Celebrated in song and story as the ‘most wonderful time of the year, December, for many people, conjures fond memories, shiny lights, and tradition.

But in the middle of the ‘rush rush’ of the holiday season, the delicate Narcissus Papyraceus bursts forth to remind us to ‘slow it down’ and enjoy the simple beauty of life and of each tiny flower.

Commonly known as the Paperwhite, the Narcissus Papyraceus is the perfect compliment to off-set the sometimes overbearingly large-leafed Poinsettia or Amaryllis plants. Decorating with the Narcissus is simplicity itself. Moderate light is all that is needed to encourage the Narcissus to stand proudly on kitchen, coffee, dining or occasional table.

The delicate Narcissus, in pure white, has six floral leaves borne at the top of each stem and are strongly scented. Native to the Mediterranean region and mostly spring flowering, the Narcissus is a close relative to the Amaryllis, frequently grown as a house plant, and forced to flower at Christmas. It is the only birth flower to be credited with two months! In March, the Narcissus masquerades as the Daffodil (or Jonquil), and is celebrated as a first sign of spring.

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a callow youth who became so obsessed with his reflection as he knelt beside a pond, that he fell into the water and drowned. The myth continues that a small white flower sprang at the spot where he tumbled into the pond.

Listen to our chat with Ken from Narcissus Florals & Gifts about Narcissus Papyraceaus:

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